Monday, July 21, 2008


Here's a long due update.A couple years ago when i start blogging i thought i couldn't even delight in a day without my computer but after being gone for a while,i realize how focus i am with my job and my family. It's been so crazy occupied i am especially from the end of april through middle of july, boys as always on a baseball league that run two months...thought was over late last month, but it wasnt my oldest boy got pick out to be on an all star baseball then my youngest got pick out also to be in the baseball tournament...they both did a fine job and daugter still on the tae kwondo four times a week so me and hubby had to keep that in our mind and put game face on to support the kids...we are so happy for them, at least baseball is done over the weekend finally.

Vacation 08 cruisen puerto rico!!!