Tuesday, December 26, 2006

How's your christmas?

Hello everyone, how was your christmas? Our's went well TG except the sleeping arrangement with our young boy's what a bit nightmare. Christmas Eve my ordinary habit is take nap that way i can stay up and wrapped gifts for my children, of course cristina know's better about the makes beleived "Santa Clause"; my middle one walter kind a not all there his in between sure and not so sure and his nine years old, my youngest one christian's eight years old his a handfull that night. Literally tracking santa every 15 minutes online if his on the way in our house, by 11:00 to 11:30 he came to our bedroom teriffy in tears afraid that mommy and daddy still awake watching tv and makes all sort kind of noise, his afraid santa would not stop in our house because of mommy and daddy, especially our two dogs are barking everytime see's a light outside the house.

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Here they are in my bed sounds asleep by midnight lol so i did my partime job went well every year as a "santa clause" for my bambinos surprise in the morning. Time 1:45 getting off to bed, so we transfer the boys to their beds while they still sounds asleep. i did not had the chance to close my eyes my youngest one surprised me by sitting his the alarm off @ 2:oo a.m. lol and he is back to our bed saying mama santa came come and look in the living room and can we open our presents, i said to myself OMG can we just all go back to bed and we open the presents in the morning, apparently they never let us go to sleep keep bagging us until we let them. So that was my MERRY CHRISTMAS this year so happy for my children.