Thursday, September 20, 2007

Travel and Blog

Many reason why i enjoy my blog is sharing with my friends thoughts, ideas, photos, meeting new people and visit their cool blogs, and travel experience. Myself love to travel on any places and learn about the cultures of different countries. Especially in asia one of the most beautiful cities in the world to visit... the foods, the night life, the entertainment and most importantly, the people!

Anyways when i went to visit my home town philippines last month! What a place...I didn't see many street performers out during the day because of all the people on crowed sidewalks.There are lots of bars in asia and i can't believe how many women drink there. I dont really drink but was kind a cool to watched. Also, some of the bathrooms were unisex and a lot of the bars is unique. Blog Travel is fantastic.



mermaidejen said...

Hi Kookie,

Like you, I love to travel too and learn about everything of any cultures, nations and way of life. It's very enriching and I agree with you, asia has many beautiful countries that I have enjoyed and like going back. As we grow older, the experience gives us a widening understanding of everyone. Thanks for a meaningful post

kookie said...

same here phoebz..thx for dropping by.