Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New PPP lover

I'm newest PPP lover, i signed up for PPP couple days ago with the help of a one special person name "carlota" so i want to thank her for helping me out and walk me through the whole process of PayPerPost, she also said that i'm always in the computer doing blogging anyway why not earn some money while blogging,i know some do not agree with blogging for money i do now.I look at it this way, i enjoy blogging with money coming isn't it great oppotunities from PPP. My readers have really been interested in some of the posts as always, so what’s the harm in it.

What i like about PPP is that you only take the opportunities that suite you. I don’t take an offer just because it’s worth money, i take it because i want too.I only blog on something that I think will add value to my site for my readers. That is one of the great things about PPP.You can choose to blog as much or as little as you want to for them.

The other reason is why im doing this fabulous offer from PPP is because my daughter is 15 years old, pretty soon need a car and a car insurance as well, and we all know how expensive insurance is for teen-ager so ppp thank you so much for this great opportunity. And to all my readers what you waiting for come join with us with this wonderful opportunities.PPP your the best for blog marketing.


Laine said...

wow congrats! I have yet to sign up. I have my fingers crossed hoping my blog will get approved cause the extra income will def help me. My babyboy is 1 and is a handful haha.

lang said...

yah me too