Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sydney Australia

Anyone planning your next vacation? or if you are a newlywed need an exciting place to go for your honeymoon; Hotel Sydney Australia its a great place and has a unique wildlife. Many people when they come to australia expect to see 'roos hopping all over, so make your reservation now at Hotel Melbourne is fabulous...yah way Skippé. And dont forget to do some side trip to Uluru perhaps-you will be very lucky to catch a glimpse of a kangaro or koala in the wild.

So what you waiting for, come and explore yourself in Hotel Brisbane Sydney Australia, clink the link below for your last minute deals this week.Sydney Australia were you discover a beautiful night life opulent bars, eclectic boutiques and fashionable restaurants, walking across harbour bridge is awsome.

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The laid-back outdoor lifestyle and natural beauty make Sydney a great city to visit.
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Vicki said...

sus ni siya.....hala, imbitaha nyo ko, kay sutoy gyd ko dayon....

taman na lang sa ko ani sa damgo.....maka daog ko lotto, dah palit gyd ko ayroplano.....lol

ari na gyd ko, tiwas ug pangutaw uy....

Hope said...

Hi kookie, I'm Filipina but expat here in Sydney. Good resources you have here. I used this site when I first visited Australia. Pretty helpful! I'd also recommend Hotels Sydney of Australian Accommodation Agency, I got a few great deals from there for some friends visiting me next month.