Monday, October 08, 2007


Looking for the right television to buy Samsung LNT3242H Flat Panel. Because of several factors. One out of all the televisions on the walls at, this one had the best picture by far. That is including comparing plasmas, lcds, different sizes, and even this tv versus the other native televisions. Second, the price was unbeatable. This television originally retailed for around $1500 in our store is half of the price. , We also have several other brand products ( Television, etc), and all have had great reliability. I've also heard from sales professionals that Samsung LNT3242H is the best TV reliability speaking. I got the TV, and wow. The picture blows you away. You can really tell why its the official TV of the NFL.

You'll be amazed, once you own Samsung LNT3242H at the ease of the use of the remote and controls. It was so easy to change the settings of the picture size. Like going from widescreen to full screen. I am real sure you will be real happy with this product.


kookie said...

i need one