Friday, November 02, 2007

my son Christian b-day

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketTomorow my son turn 9 years old. I am amazed by his strength, will joy and love, he completed our family..his the youngest of the three and i am so blessed to have them.

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I am sittting here at work thinking what to write for you and i search my heart to fine the words i'd really like to say. No greater joy in my life could bring than to give my life away for all i give, is then to you my heart of love on your birthday. God bless you my dearest son on your special day.


Midas said...

Happy birthday sa imong anak Dai. I wish you all pride and joy in him.

Cornucopia Chronicles said...

uy Christian sad di-ay name sa imoha anak Kookie? Same diay atong oy ug name...birthday pud sa akoa anak sa monday puhon sa akoa babaye

Happy to your handsome!

ladyracs said...

WOw, mommy's words are full of love gyud. ulitawo na gyud imong pogi nga anak Miss Kookie. Sunod diay nagbirthday atong anak ni dae haze sab. Nathan turned 2 yesterday, it was fun bisag nagkasakit sila. Tc beautiful mommy...your blessing are trully wonderful.