Monday, December 10, 2007

My sadness month

My mom died almost three years ago, her death anniversary coming up in couple days, since she past kind a destroyed me...everytime when her anniversary come i feel unhappy and wishfully, just missing her badly . I'm not a big fan of going to see a psychologist because I don't really believe in confessing my deepest feelings to a stranger that's just interested in cash hehehehe. My mom's death was the most emotionally painful experience that I have so far experienced.


ChristineHaze said...

Condolence Choco bisan 3 yrs ago na. I have a friend pud iyaha father namatay 3 yrs ago and she just open it to me and we end up crying in the middle of the park. it was a nice thing though it means she trusted me to hear her pain. I lend my ear in return.

I know how hurtful it is...I felt it when my elder sister passed away at the young age of 31....nabangga-an man gud to cya...diretso ug kamatay na internal hemorrhage.