Monday, January 28, 2008

Great b-day

Well everyone, let me tell you a story. it's actually quite sad, but with a happy ending. i got sick last thursday, sad. And still not better on that evening the day before my birthday, for some reason always dont feel good around my b-day(sadder). My family went to my grandma's house w/o me,( happy all alone) i got better overnite though, happy ending. YEAY! So my birthday was pretty much awesome. I got to hang out with my family all day and i got some awesome stuff (that i can where to work lol...can you guess what it is hehehe). Anyways before i forget i want to thank all for my fellow bloggers for the birthday greetings, especially to carlota for making a such a marvelous DS for me, vk, phoebe,amy for call and message, norwin for the email and last but not list my bisdak family i thank you from the bottom of heart.