Monday, July 09, 2007

Busy weekend

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Hello everyone, first of all i dont have a lot a time to spare, just want to share some photos with you all from 4th of july wednesday. We went to a ball game Detroit Tigers of course, spend the day downtown detroit did a little shopping at hard rock cafe and grab a bite to eat then watched the whole baseball game and after the game we stayed for the fire works it was fun.

Saturday at 5am we we woke the kids up and surprised them were going to OHIO State at Cedar Point Amusement Park the best roller coaster in United States. Unfortunately i dont ride, im afraid of heights in other words (im chicken shit)hehehehe they had a fun time (ako kapoi ako gitz) and very hot that day. Heres some photos not much though.

Have a fastastic day everyone hugs kisses muah ( click view all images to see the photos bigger).